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Localisation Strategy

A strategic approach to localisation

Translation is often treated as something of an afterthought for organisations, even those who are internationally-minded at some level.

This approach can cause a lot of problems further down the line, such as:

  • problems with software products which haven’t been set up to allow the display of different character sets,
  • character restriction issues,
  • headaches for in-country teams and administrative teams centrally as to how they resolve problems that could’ve been prevented with a bit of planning.

We at Lingo24 are massive proponents of planning, of understanding the business need, and of working out what your localisation strategy is ahead of time.

And we’ve got a localisation strategy consulting practice actually which helps organisations to ask the right sort of questions to enable them to make a plan.

Once they have that plan, we then bring technology into play. We engage teams to help them understand what the approach is going to be, and only at that point do we become properly operational with our translation.

So we really want to hold your hand as you get more strategic in your approach to localisation. Please do let us know how and when we can do that.


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