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People who Inspire: DJs Spotlight

Hiding amongst our ranks are Managers, DTP Artists, IT Engineers and others that work by day, DJ by night. We asked them to tell us a few things about themselves and their passion for parties, music, and party music.

DJ Florita

“With both of my parents being musicians I grew up surrounded by it, and as a kid I played several instruments and learned to dance salsa, flamenco, rock & roll and tap dance. I started DJing around the age of 15 during my visits to Nicaragua, where part of my family lives. They own a restaurant and a club, which meant that besides dancing ‘til dawn at the weekends, I also learned the ropes of DJing. 

“With the experience of ‘tropical’ music that I gained in Nicaragua – heady mixtures of reggae, dancehall, soca, salsa, among others – I continued spinning in The Netherlands. There, I discovered an underground scene in Amsterdam where they play everything jazzy, funky and soulful, and I completely lost my heart. 

“My music collection expanded and nowadays I like to mix everything that has a good beat; from Cuban salsa to soulful house and from old school funk to traditional folk. There are no rules when it comes to DJing!”

DJ who:ratio

“I started DJing because of the music, but wanted to be more than a consumer – I wanted to interact with it on a different level. My favourite thing about DJing is interacting with the music and communicating with people through it. 

“It’s too difficult to name favourite songs or tracks as there are far, far too many. Having said that, listing favourite genres is easier. I love jungle (what drum ‘n’ bass was called pre-2000), but also house, techno and disco. When it comes to listening to music, my advice is to dig deeper for your music and listen to things that challenge you, not the hollow sounds on the radio.”

DJ Phoneme

“My passion for music started to grow in the mid 90’s, when I discovered electronic music. Back then I did my best to get my hands on as much of it as I could. I never had the intention to become a DJ, but after I started to add the first records to my small collection things kinda went naturally from there. My debut was in a small pub in 2002, but shortly after I chose to work independently, meaning that by 2003 I was DJing and promoting the music I loved. 

“I could say that DJing brings you a lot of advantages, but I never wanted to be a star or anything like that. Of course, there is no DJ that can say that they don’t enjoy a big crowd & all. But the thing I love most about DJing is the human interaction. You get to meet lots of people, travel a bit, and I especially love making new friends and getting connected to people in many areas. I was always a fan of electronic music, that is what’s got me into this lifestyle. 

“Although I mostly love and play drum ‘n’ bass, breakbeat or dubstep, I always enjoy listening to reggae & dub, jazz, downtempo, even a bit of house. The evolution of a music fan is always constant, I guess you could say it never stops. I take my love of music as a lifestyle, and I would never go back.”

DJ Larrybwoy

“I am fuelled by an insatiable drive to curate and promote music from a wide variety of genres. I have a some DJing experience – I’ve been working on it ever since I first laid my hands on clubbing DJ hardware back in high school (I’m 32 now!). 

Although I stopped “officially” playing clubs and gigs, I never stopped delving into the exquisite world of sound, always searching for that next big track or that innovative piece of phonic art. My latest projects include selections from genres revolving around funk, 80’s boogie and disco to more electronica based music such as house, new beat and Italo disco. All these genres have smooth, warm basslines. 

I am constantly striving to promote fresh sounds, and will exhibit a set comprised mainly of old school boogie and house sounds which are sure to get the feet tapping (or so I hope!).”

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