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Lingo24 at the ProZ Virtual Conference for Freelance Translators

Online translators’ community is hosting three virtual conferences from September through to November for translators, agencies and translation buyers, covering all aspects of the language services and global marketing communication industries.

The first event, for freelance translators, was on September 30th, and I was online to represent Lingo24 with a presentation and live Q&A session on the topic ‘How to Market to Agencies, Forge Relationships and Ensure You’ve Always Got a Steady Flow of Work.’

The presentation covered everything a freelance translator needs to know to get started working for an agency, whether they’re doing First Draft Translation or Transcreation, and how to foster that relationship and turn it into a steady stream of work.

There were 400 translators attending the virtual presentation and Q&A, and the interest was such that it overran its allotted quarter hour timeslot by 20 minutes.

Questions poured in after the presentation was over, with each new question inspiring more queries – I quickly began to feel like an in-demand radio host! I even recognised a few of Lingo24’s current translators amongst the questioners.

The main topics that translators wanted to know about were rate negotiation, deadlines, Confidentiality Agreements, CV content and design, the checking of references, Quality Assurance and in-house linguist positions.

Knowing that my audience were linguists who would pay a lot of attention to my words, I tried to be as clear as possible with my answers and leave no room for misinterpretations. I also made sure to emphasise the point that enthusiasm, availability and flexibility count for a lot when it comes to translators who may not yet have the required references or experience.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to answer all the questions, but I wish I had, as some of the questions raised insightful and interesting comments which we’ll be taking on board at Lingo24.

All in all, it was an interesting event to attend and be a part of. The team at ProZ were very professional and had the whole event running smoothly, so my applause and kudos to them for making such events happen, as they’re great networking and educational events for the entire industry.

And if you’re interested, you can check out the presentation here.

Dana Stoica, Head of Vendor Management, Lingo24

Dana has been working in localization for over 15 years, and as Lingo24’s Head of Vendor Management she works with specialist translators across the globe. Always a linguist, with a degree in English and Spanish from the West University in Timisoara, she enjoys writing about languages, translation, customer service, and even does some fiction writing too, and has some short stories published.

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