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My Life in Mexico – how Lingo24 helped me fulfil my dreams of moving to Latin America

Project Manager Cecilia Marian tells all about working remotely for Lingo24 in Mexico – the country she fell in love with during her Loyalty Month.

This year, us lucky Lingo-ists in Timișoara will once again be treated to a taste-test of the craft beers from our good friends at Trip Hoppers (our beer-making colleagues). We decided this time around to add a Mexican twist to this occasion, so we’ve enlisted the help of our favourite Mexican restaurant La Casa de Juan to give us all the tacos and enchiladas we can eat. This idea also got us thinking of our resident aficionado in all things Mexican (so much so that after spending her Loyalty Month in Mexico she decided to move there!) Project Manager Cecilia Marian. Here’s Cecilia’s journey, in her own words, from Romania to Mexico.

How it all started

My love for all things Latino is over 20 years old, and comes from my mum who used to endlessly play cassettes of Spanish-themed musicians such as Julio Iglesias and the Gipsy Kings. This affection only grew when I was introduced to telenovelas – short drama series’ that are very popular in Latin America.

One of my most enduring memories is buying a magazine called Inima Salbatica (Wild Heart) every two weeks, which was essentially the Cosmopolitan of telenovelas. Very quickly I got to know the names, movie titles and wild adventures of actors which I might have never seen act – but I knew everything about their wonderful lives in Mexico.

Day by day I became enamored with the music and culture of Mexico, eventually realising that I would have to go there.

My desire to do so grew stronger and stronger, until one day I gave in and bought a plane ticket to Mexico for 2 months. My Loyalty Month (Lingo24’s famous sabbatical) had arrived, and I decided to make the most out of the unique opportunity that my wonderful organisation had offered me.

The moment I set foot on Mexican ground I felt that I belonged there.

I fell in love with the people, their attitude, their energy, and their values. The skies are perfect, and I still feel so lucky to be in a country where the roads are lined with flourishing palm trees.

The Mexican experience

Everything you thought about life changes the minute you live the Mexican experience.

There are so many amazing eccentricities here I love that I hope all of you will be able to enjoy one day. Mouthwatering dishes include carnitas (deep-fried pork, usually stuffed in tacos), tamales (which I call the Mexican mămăligă), chiles en nogada (meat-stuffed peppers with walnut cream sauce), chiles rellenos (cheese-stuffed peppers deep -fried), and pozole (pork and hominy soup). Popular drinks over here include atole (a warm cornmeal drink), mezcal (tequila’s bigger brother) and agua de guayaba (a fresh drink made of a local fruit, guayaba).

There are so many places to visit too – the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism has created the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns) programme for example, which promotes towns all over Mexico for their natural beauty, cultural richness, heritage, arts or hospitality. Isla Mujeres is a beautiful sandy island off the coast of Cancún, but there’s also the town of Xilitla – a settlement hidden among rainforest featuring surrealist sculptures and tall waterfalls. As for occasions, Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), is a terrifying and vibrant sight, as thousands of people gather in the streets to pray for and remember friends and family members who have passed away.

I could go on forever and list all of the things that have transformed my day-today, and it would simply be impossible to choose my favourite piece of Mexican culture.

All I can say is Mexico is my favorite place to be, and over here I truly believe that I’m living my best life.

Hola from Mexico!


P.S.: here’s a couple of interesting facts that you may not have known about Mexico:

  • There are specialised stores for everything, from carton cups to glitter stores to thread – whatever you need, shopkeepers will sell it.
  • When dealing with markets and street vendors, be prepared to haggle!


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