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Life At Lingo # 1 – A Crash Course

Life at Lingo # 1 – A Crash Course

For the past eight weeks, graduate Paula Campbell was embedded as part of Lingo24’s marketing team. Now that her time at Lingo has come to an end, she gathered together some of her most significant experiences, challenges and lessons to share with you.

How did your internship start off?

I had a ‘techy’ start to my time here. In my first week, I was immediately thrown into the deep end technology-wise by attending Turing Fest – a technology conference in Edinburgh. As a relative newbie to tech and marketing I was swimming in information, concepts and ideas about things I had never heard of or even imagined before. It was like everyone was speaking a language I had never heard. I spent each afternoon scribbling notes furiously, googling acronyms and researching concepts to better understand the world I had just walked into.

Although this could have been an overwhelming start, in reality it was the perfect exercise to get my head around some of the basics and the possible future roles that marketing, business and technology will play in our lives. Learning from industry experts so early in the game meant I could see the role technology like machine learning or concepts like buyer profiles have and how they’re applied at Lingo24.

How did your experience shape your impression of Lingo24?

One of the main focuses of my internship was seeking out people to invite to our events in London in September and October – the B2B Meetup and third Global First respectively. This allowed me to interact with exciting existing and prospective contacts from global companies.

The global nature of Lingo24 is something that struck me from the outset of my time here. It’s not just something which exists in the client base but it runs through the teams and the company culture too. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the marketing team in Timisoara, not just Edinburgh for example. Likewise, being able to sit in on the Global Sales Kickoff with the sales teams from each hub across the world not only demonstrated the global presence of Lingo24’s teams but also its international outreach.

You had only a brief time here, but do you believe you learnt any new skills?

At Lingo I have picked up new abilities and marketing techniques but the internship also presented an opportunity to build upon and apply some of what I had learnt at university. Having studied languages and done some freelance translation, I had previous experience of translation and localisation industries – but during my internship, I have seen translation from a fresh perspective.

I was very lucky to have a go on Lingo24’s Technology Platform – completing a “German to English” test translation and getting it reviewed. It was an invaluable opportunity to get to grips with a computer-aided translation (CAT) tool which professional translators use, to better understand the translation workflow, and to receive advice and insight about what a career in translation might look like.

Did you face any challenges during your time here?

No learning experience is without difficulty. During the internship, I did of course come face to face with a few challenges. One instance was towards the end of my first month here. I had been given the responsibility of putting together and sending out our internal newsletter, the Weekly Banter. But, I didn’t factor in that it needed to be finished on Thursday, which that week was the same day as the Edinburgh hub’s sports day at GoApe, a local attraction. Realising that it needed to be done and scheduled for each timezone before we left for GoApe, I started trying to pull it together a little late in the morning.

At the time, I was unfamiliar with HubSpot and the process for scheduling posts. I had underestimated the time it would take to get it together.

So, I was faced with two options – send it out on time, in a relatively rough form, or send it on Friday morning, late, but to a higher standard. (Everyone who received the Banter knows which option I went for…). I sent it out on Friday morning, after working on it until I was happy with how it looked – I even managed to add some photos, a video and some extra content.

These two slightly stressful mornings on Hubspot taught me to prioritise my workload and to write a to-do list accordingly. Had I done this and anticipated that I would have had less time that week than usual to put the Banter together, I could have had it out on time.

How would you sum up your time here at Lingo24?

Well, I have added a few new tools to my belt – the fundamentals of SEO and HubSpot, internal communications, reputation management, event outreach and organisation. I now have an understanding of the translation and localisation industry and concepts such as machine translation and transcreation, not only from using Lingo24’s Technology Platform but also from helping to co-author and edit our upcoming Localisation Playbook and learning from my colleagues.

And so, most importantly I have been so lucky to work with such a great team of people. I want to say thank you to everyone for giving me the space and support to learn so much in a relatively short space of time, for answering all my questions and for making me feel so welcome. I really appreciate being given such a positive start to my career and the company I end up in next certainly has some very big Lingo24-sized shoes to fill.


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