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Product Catalogues Translation

Large product catalogues and translation at scale

Christian Arno, Lingo24’s President and Founder, discusses the link between translation at scale and organisations with large product catalogues.

Often organisations with large product catalogues use PIM systems – product information management software – to organise their information and distribute it among multiple partners, and that creates a beautiful structure from which we can extract that information and then use our suite of technologies to translate promptly and at lower cost.

There’s often a lot of repeated material in product catalogues and that means that translation memory technology can help a lot, but also there’s some advanced file engineering you can do to help reduce what actually needs to be translated, which allows organisations to translate much more content much quicker and in more markets.

Lingo24 has extensive experience in translating large product catalogues. If you’d like more details on our tailored solutions. please get in touch with us.

You can also read our brochure to find out more on

  • our AI-assisted professional translation for product catalogues,
  • how we work with product content,
  • success stories of how this approach worked for other companies.


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