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Language Assets

Language assets: what are they, and how do we help companies build them

In the video below, Lingo24’s CTO and Service Delivery Director, Dave Meikle, discusses language assets and the benefits of including them in the translation process from the very beginning.


Languages assets include glossaries and translation memory assets, and it’s important for businesses to start collecting these as early as possible when they’re translating at scale to improve quality, to improve consistency in how they translate, and to set things up for success.

Language assets are like having money in the bank that you’re going to leverage over time, maybe in an investment context.
When customers are translating with us, they’re building these assets, so your Translation Memory is being saved with previous good translations that you have reviewed and finalised.
If you’re working in a Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool and adding terms, or your linguists are adding them, your glossary is starting to be built, and you’re really building up your asset set.

Quite often, we get clients who have done translations before just maybe not quite in a Translation Memory format, or they’ve just got a single source of content in the languages that they’re translating into, and we can do a variety of techniques to help build someone’s assets.

Our TermFinder tool helps extract out terms that are common to your content set, but not common in the core language to get a quite nice, short list of good quality terms that you can complete, approve or reject with your in-market teams to get a glossary; or you can use advanced file filtering to filter files and piece them together and align them so you can build a Translation Memory. And both of those two things help you build a good customised Machine Translation (MT) engine.

If you want to find out more on TermFinder and how we can help you build your language assets, please get in touch with us.


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