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Key Plays For Kickstarting Your Technical Translations, # 1 – Understand Your Why

Key plays for kickstarting your technical translations, # 1 – Understand your why

How can your business succeed in today’s global marketplace? Against a vast landscape of content platforms, goods stores and professional services, rising above the competition might seem impossible.

At Lingo24 we believe that getting noticed in this global marketplace should be viewed as an opportunity, not simply a challenge.

Translating your technical content – applications, descriptions of your products, business documentation – is the key to localising your enterprise in a new location. The rise of the globalised marketplace and explosion of content to support them presents organisations, however small, with an opportunity to engage with new audiences around the world. For many of these enterprises detail is key, and precise technical translations are essential for parity between them and their customers. Product listings, service descriptions and contract documentation are all examples where a precise translation is key to retaining the core message of the products themselves.

The challenges of the new global marketplace

Increasingly more diverse localities are logging on to engage in the global marketplace. It is no longer enough, for example, to produce product descriptions and ask for customer feedback only in English. Guardian Labs (the branded content agency of The Guardian) asserts that only 25% of the internet’s users today employ the English language to communicate.

Meaningful and prolonged engagement with the users consuming your content means delivering on their concerns, such as offering responsive customer support, accounting for customer reviews, creating familiar payment methods, and fundamentally, developing an engaging website.

The opportunity to expand and improve customer experience

Businesses today are already powering their growth in international markets through technical translation. By harnessing translation, enterprises are able to sell their products and services unrestricted by locality, reach more markets faster with new offerings, and improve customer experiences. Behind the scenes, businesses can also integrate their data and feeds, and seize new opportunities through analysis.

The opportunities for businesses to “get ahead” in new markets through technical translation are huge – but the process can be confusing to businesses new to translation. This blog post is one “Play” from Lingo24’s Playbook for Localising Technical Translations. Over the next few months we will release the content of our Playbook here in our online Knowledge Centre. Alternatively, you can access the Playbook containing all of the Plays immediately, for free, by downloading the Playbook for yourself.

You can also read our applicable Case Study on SportPursuit. We helped them understand their “why” by performing A/B tests on their website’s pages, proving they would get higher traffic from localities by translating their content.


Lingo24 is a global translation company, with interests in marketing, e-commerce, product management and many other areas that are of relevance to our clients. We share news on our company performance, innovative technology solutions, exciting new hires and guest posts from some of our translators.

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