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Journey To Global

Journey to Global events in April 2018

It has taken longer than we planned because of a really busy start to the year, our sales kick off in Edinburgh and the early Easter (enough excuses), but at last our first two Journey to Global events of the year are planned and ready to go.

After the success of the London events last year, we have now dropped in another one in Amsterdam.

As ever, we will be talking all things related to global expansion, translation, content, performance, UX, testing, platforms, data, search, SEO, products and international marketing.

We have two amazing locations and three amazing sponsors. Oban International (the experts on digital content and international search) are sponsoring both events, Agility Multichannel (a leading MDM and PIM platform) are sponsoring the Amsterdam event and Spike95 (a testing and performance consultancy) are sponsoring the London event. Oviously not to mention ourselves, who need no introduction: Lingo24.

So in London we are at the Charlotte Street Hotel once again, on the 19th of April, and we already have a load of great attendees signed up. In Amsterdam we are at the amazing Andaz Hotel on the 12th of April.

As always, we will be producing a whitepaper covering the various topics discussed, and that we will then share with the usual expectation and excitement around the insight that our guests will generate.

We have a great mix of B2C and B2B companies, with their intermingling of ideas and approach being of the moment, as the different businesses face similar but slightly different challenges. It will be great to discuss whether there will be the continuing convergence of approach as the expectations around user experience of their respective customers align.

We arrive with no preconceived notions, just a healthy appetite for knowledge, food and the odd glass of wine.

If you haven’t had your invite yet, please find more details here for London and here for Amsterdam.

I look forward to seeing you at whichever of the events you can make, and to sharing the amazing whitepaper that will come out of the discussions involved.

Jeremy Clutton, Global Director, eCommerce & Channel Partners, Lingo24

Jeremy leads the London sales operations for Lingo24. He specialises in advising e-commerce businesses on everything related to translation, localisation and global marketing.
Jeremy has extensive experience in the translation business, working with a wide range of blue chip and SME companies on managing their language needs.

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