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iPhone translation…verdict? Pretty good.

With advances in technology, the age-old ‘human translation vs. machine translation’ debate is one that is likely to continue for some time.

Whilst most people will agree that for professional, accurate translations there is no substitute for having a real person at the helm, the countless free online translation tools can still come in handy for those who simply need to get the gist of a short piece of text – but even then, it’s likely that some of the original meaning will be lost.

For those who have an iPhone, you will be well aware of some of the amazing applications that are at your beck and call. One of the latest ones, though, is likely to capture the imagination of monolinguists everywhere.

Sakhr Mobile S2S Translation is a speech-to-speech mobile translation application for English and Arabic speakers. It not only gives you an instant translation, but there’s audio too, so there is no longer any need to get your head around complex pronunciations.

If this is as good as it looks, it’s likely it’ll be rolled out in other languages too, but for now, take a quick peek at what this new application is capable of:


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