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International Trade Localisation Tips

To create a successful international website you need to ensure that it is correctly configured for the language and culture of your target market. However, if you deal in global exports there are localisation processes that are often overlooked beyond the layout and design of your website.

Local Customer Service

It is extremely important that customers can communicate with a native speaker. This aspect is often neglected in a international tradebusiness localisation strategy, but customers who want information about products need someone who can communicate clearly in their own language.

If you use social media to provide customer service then it needs to be managed and moderated by staff with an intimate knowledge of the local customs and practices to avoid any miscommunication or mistakes.

Using local addresses and telephone numbers will also make customers feel confident that they are receiving efficient local customer service.

International Shipping

In cross-border trade you need to offer international shipping for your goods. However, the process of setting up international trade is not always straight forward, as many countries have complex regulations regarding customs and duty. This needs to be carefully researched and prepared for in advance.

If you offer international shipping, it is important that you have clear pricing on your website that includes the cost of shipping and any charges associated with export duties or other taxes.

Currency and Payment Options

On your website you need to display prices in the local currency. When users arrive at your site they should not be forced to calculate the prices themselves.

In different countries users have different payment preferences. For example, in the Netherlands iDeal is the preferred online payment method, while in India customers prefer to pay cash on delivery.

If you don’t offer local payment methods on your transactional site, then you’re going to lose sales.

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Andrew Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Lingo24

Andrew Campbell is Chief Executive Officer of Lingo24. He has extensive experience working with IT centric businesses in Edinburgh, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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