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How To Inspire And Influence People Through Content Marketing

How to inspire and influence people through content marketing

Content marketing has become a hot buzz word in the last year or two. But is this discipline really the future of online marketing? In our latest interview, journalist and SEO expert Eric Kubitz, looks at the best ways to reach your target audience and why SEO is still important.

Hello Eric, could you please tell our readers a bit about your career and why you chose to go into this area?

I didn’t consciously take the decision. I am a journalist, studied business studies and set up several companies. And all this experience helps just as much when dealing with Google crawlers as when dealing with the real people we would like to reach.

Is content marketing the supreme discipline? And if so, why?

Yes, in a way, because it brings together all aspects of online marketing.

You have to know your target group well and segment it, you need a feel for content while, at the same time, still keeping your eye on the technology.

And content marketing is particularly successful when it acts across all online marketing channels. And vice versa.

In short, it’s a very creative discipline that also requires a large amount of knowledge and experience. Looked at in this way, you could actually describe it as the supreme discipline.

What’s the best way to approach content creation? How do you select suitable material?

You have to know your target group. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the actual purchaser or visitor to a website – but also the “ambassadors” who will pass on your idea. Only when you include these people in your plan and can inspire them will content marketing be successful. That’s why this is only the first step.

Then you need to ensure suitably amazing content and distribute it on all available marketing channels – including offline. Of course, proper monitoring is a sensible addition to this.

How do you see the relationship between content marketing and SEO? Is SEO even still required?

Of course SEO is still required. Content marketing can only be a replacement for the anyway rather dubious practice of link building. Technology, structural content and, of course, a well-managed website are absolutely still a part of this. You can’t replace that with content marketing.

When people talk now about SEO trends, you often hear the term “voice search”. What are your views on that – will SEO develop in that direction?

The idea behind it is that we are increasingly putting colloquially phrased questions into search engines. But somehow I doubt it. Because we have all learned by now that search engines don’t formulate actual questions, but package our requests into selected keywords.

Who actually asks: “Where is the best Italian restaurant in London?” Even via a microphone we would ask for “Italian London” and leave it up to the search engine to decipher the question behind it.

But the idea behind it is completely correct – because, in any case, the search engine has to assume that there is a specific question behind it and that’s what it will do.

How do you see the future of online marketing? How will marketing strategies change in the coming years?

In the last few years, online marketing has become more and more complex. Now you can even measure the impact a TV commercial has on the website. That means there will no longer be online marketers, but specialists for a particular area and experienced colleagues who link these colleagues together.

Nobody should still think they know everything; networking is becoming increasingly important. And, at least I hope that, people will no longer believe that they can reach their target group using some kind of technical trick or other. It will become increasingly important to focus on the real target group and have enthusiasm for your market and your product. The days of standard solutions are finally over. And I’m pleased about that!

Eric Kubitz

Eric Kubitz is one of the two directors of CONTENTmanufaktur, where he employs his technological expertise, his SEO experience and his understanding of online journalism. Follow him on Twitter @eric108.

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