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In-Market Reviews

In-market reviews: achieving harmony in global teams managing translation

Watch Dave Meikle, Lingo24’s CTO and Service Delivery Director, and Christian Arno, Lingo24’s Founder and President, explain what we can do to bring harmony into how global translation content teams work.


The key thing for getting in-market review to work well is to get close to the people doing that in-market review, really understand what they care about, and the style and tone of voice they want to use in their market.

Some of the tools and techniques we use are:

  • Terminology is  one of the key levers to delivering consistency, really working with that team to get their agreed set terms or common phrases.
  • It could be a style guide, and working with them to use any of the material they have in-market, to structure that tone of voice, and getting the linguists to understand that.
  • It’s often bringing them into the review process within our CAT tool, so they can discuss with our linguists directly and share feedback in there so it’s saved into their assets.
  • And finally, it’s about getting people connected together, whether that’s a conference call or a little group chat to help them really understand what needs to be delivered in that translation. It is about doing a lot of preparatory work in advance of actually getting operational with the translation, to make sure that the teams are more engaged.

Often some of those assets exist. For example, if you have your style guide for Japan, we can re-use that; if you’ve done translations before, or if you’ve got a decent set of content that is in that target language, we can extract a term set to help speed up that terminology exercise.

In almost every global project, we’ve worked with the client to improve the relationship between the people at HQ and people in-market. This happens especially when the client has a catalogue going out to various markets, or if there’s marketing material, a global website launch etc.

And that’s been the key – getting in touch with the in-market linguists, getting their feedback in, working together and having regular calls to get that right. After a while everyone knows each other to the point where that team rely on us to work with them on getting their style right. So a little bit of work upfront pays dividends in the long term.


Get in touch with us to find out how our linguist teams can work on your projects together with your reviewers, to deliver your translations on budget, on time, and at a quality you can depend on.


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