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How To Make An Impact At The Internet Retailers Conference

How to make an impact at the Internet Retailers Conference

It’s high excitement at Lingo24 this week as we make final preparations, pack our bags and print off our boarding passes. Why?

We’re heading off to Chicago for a very lucrative event in our calendar: the IRCE (internet retailers conference and exhibition). While not everyone shows as much enthusiasm as we do for a conference, the team of five we’re sending have a very special reason to be looking forward to it…Jeremy discuss
For those that are unfamiliar with the IRCE – it is the biggest internet retailing event globally and we are one of 600+ exhibitors taking part. The event is primarily focused on the industry’s future, and serves as the gathering place for anyone who’s anyone in the e-commerce industry. It’s set to be fuelled with a lot of talk about platform to platform integrations, maximising ROI, efficiencies, and all the things we love.

We’ll be there trying to create a point of difference beyond our brilliant services that relate to the company’s Scottish origin. What does that mean? Well, when discussing the various novel promotional items received at previous events, one passing comment around being memorable very quickly led to one easy way to get remembered in an American crowd: wearing kilts.

From there, before we knew it #translatorsinkilts was born. And so next week, at the IRCE in the notorious windy city of Chicago, Christian Arno, Andrew Campbell, Bruce Hunter, Harry Smith and Jeremy Clutton will all be wearing kilts. You heard me correctly.

There is obviously a more serious side to the kilts: understanding international markets and making a success of global ecommerce doesn’t have to be hard, but is made a lot easier by working with people who have a world view, and by playing on a caricature of what we know about Scotland we are trying to prick the myths.

Scotland, and Britain as an island nation, has always been outward looking and has punched far above its weight in global prominence and awareness and we want to help other businesses achieve the same success irrespective of size.

Our mantra is all about making business communications with the world easier, so the guys are looking forward to wandering the streets of Chicago in kilts while sharing their wisdom on translation workflows for the e-commerce sector, and helping make some business’s journeys to world domination that little bit easier.

So if you’re going to be at the conference and you want to be guaranteed to meet them all, kilted and booted, do come and say hello. They might even let you take a picture with them. Alternatively get in touch with us about the event here, or look out for updates on our #translatorsinkilts on twitter.

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Steve Griffin

Steve Griffin edits and writes for the Lingo24 blog. After studying Drama at Exeter University and completing a postgraduate diploma in Management at Durham University, he worked in Marketing & Communications in a global recruitment company for five years, before spending some time as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. Steve enjoys bringing his creative flair to writing and marketing projects, and has always been a passionate student of language.

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