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How is technology changing the translation industry?

Once, a translator’s most vital tool was a good dictionary. But technology is rapidly changing the world of translation and localisation. Google Translate handles a million books’ worth of text a day – roughly the same as all human translators do in a year. And smarter software is having a big impact on how linguists work.

TAUS. the Translation Automation User Society, is a think tank for the translation technology industry. Its goal is to “help the world communicate better”. At its annual User Conference in Seattle on October 15-16, language service providers, buyers, and industry experts will be discussing just that. It’s a chance to see the most exciting recent developments in translation automation and other innovations.

While some translation providers see increased automation as a threat, TAUS experts argue this is not the case. Despite the growth in machine translation tools,  the market for translation continues to grow. In fact, they say increased automation is necessary to meet the demands for communication in a global economy.

This year’s theme is Agents of Change: The Best of the Best. They are challenging translation providers to think like users, and consider what buyers want, and how to use existing technologies to improve communication.

The conference takes place at the Edgewater, Seattle’s landmark waterfront hotel – perhaps best known for hosting the Beatles during their first world tour in 1964!

It will kick off with a keynote speech by Chris Pratley of Microsoft Labs. He’ll speak about users’ increasing expectations of “seamless user experiences” – communicating effortlessly wherever they are in the world. Are translation buyers and suppliers ready to support this?

This will be followed by a panel discussion on how translation affects the success of a company. Then providers will show off a 3-minute “rapid-fire” demonstration of their newest technologies.

Lingo24’s MD Christian Arno will be speaking on Coaching the best translators to better productivity.  He’ll be introducing Lingo24’s latest software to radically improve the work rates of the best professional translators. The highly personalised solution will enable both translation buyers and linguists to share the benefits.

Other talks will look at the  latest developments in speech recognition and translation, including how it can make a difference in healthcare and international conferences. The conference will conclude with the TAUS Excellence Awards.
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Christof Schneider, Workflow Consultant, Lingo24

Christof Schneider joined Lingo24 in 2004 to support clients and the team with his workflow and technical expertise. He has a degree in Philosophy and Translation, and has worked as a translator and consultant, as well as teaching Technology and Localisation skills at Auckland University. He has been deeply involved in the integration of technology into Lingo24’s workflows and helped with the development of Coach, the translation technology platform.

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