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Heavyweight CSV files

How do you deal with a TM delivered to you as a 47MB csv file? Well – of course you open it (using MS Excel). That doesn't really work because it obviously has more than 65536 rows (and if it opens there's nothing to see because it doesn't t have the correct character page anyway). So what about importing it into DV (thinking that is the easiest to create a TMX). That worked well for 6 hours but then DV collapsed (though it imported about 1/3 of the file (maybe just around 65536 rows?). Next try is MS Access – which worked fine – but then what?

So finally OOffice 2.0beta came to save my life – not only does it tell me that the import was incomplete (which MS Office did too) but it allowed to insert a value in an optional field “import from row…”. So here we go – Finally I can split the TM up into 3 “valid” csv files….

“Thank you Mr Open Office” (for all who know the “Thank you Mr Hooker” girl from a local real estate agent's TV ad…)


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