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Have you got Klout?

Like most ecommerce sites, especially those specialising in such things as localisation, multilingual SEO and foreign language internet marketing, here at Lingo24, we’re all about the social media.

Not only is it a great marketing tool, helping to spread the Lingo word across the world, but it’s also a wonderful way to engage with clients, experts and major influencers in our specialist subjects.

And we’ve discovered Klout. If you don’t know what it is already, Klout is a great platform that assigns you a ‘score’ based on how you use your various social media accounts, and in particular whether you fraternise with key ‘influencers’ across a number of topics. It is, in itself, a great marketing tool, offering ‘perks’ (usually free stuff for people to test out) to those in the relevant influential areas.

For instance, the Mashable Twitter account (Klout score: 88)is a key influencer in technology and social media, and Justin Bieber in music and, err, Justin Bieber (incidentally, Bieber has a perfect Klout score of 100).

And so it is, that with our Facebook page (don’t forget to ‘like’ us!) and many different Twitter accounts (including one in German), we have officially declared Klout wars in the office.

Our MD, Christian Arno is currently in the lead at 43, followed by the main Lingo24 account at 41.

We’ve been doing a lot of reading up and experimenting on how to improve your Klout score and have come up with these main ones:

  • Have friends in high places—the higher the Klout of your friends/followers, the higher yours will be too
  • Engage!—After all, it is ‘social’ media. Chat to people, ask questions, respond to other Tweets.
  • Say something interesting—RTs, likes or mentions will help you along
  • Find your niche—Klout also works out what you know best. Having a niche will help others connect with you. (eg. Klout says the Lingo24 account is influential on translation, SEO and social media. As it should be!)

Have you got any tips on how we can improve our Klout? Leave a comment and let us know.


Lingo24 is a global translation company, with interests in marketing, e-commerce, product management and many other areas that are of relevance to our clients. We share news on our company performance, innovative technology solutions, exciting new hires and guest posts from some of our translators.

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