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Hashtags for SMEs

Mmmm, it’s hashtag time again! (If you missed the last two hashtag posts, there was one for the translation industry and another for digital marketers.)

This time we’re taking a look at the hashtags that small and medium businesses might find useful. Love or loathe the ‘SME’ label, the truth is that businesses that fall under the SME umbrella will go about things a bit differently than the big corporations.

As is customary, let’s start with the easy ones: #sme, #smallbusiness and #smallbiz are all great.

For those brave SMEs who are looking to export, #export is a winner, and if you’re looking for new openings, #UKTI_bizopps has regular updates for business opportunities all over the world. If you’re dabbling in foreign language internet marketing, either through a translated website or multilingual SEO, #flinternet will bring up all the latest discussions.

Of course, there will be some relevant hashtags relating to your area of business, so try using these along with the #business hashtag for maximum effect. Run a marketing agency? Use #marketing. Sell wedding dresses? Try #wedding. I think you get the picture…

And don’t forget about conferences, expos or networking events, all of which are great opportunities to get your hashtag on. Again, check on your relevant conference website before you go. Conference hashtags are extremely time-sensitive, so jump on the opportunity while you can.

Even if you’re not at an event, it can often be a good way to keep up on the latest news and innovations, as well as getting your updates seen by all the right people.

Christian Arno, Founder and President, Lingo24

Christian Arno is Founder and President of Lingo24. He started the company in 2001 after graduating from Oxford University with a degree in languages. He has won numerous awards including HSBC Business Thinking and International Trade Awards (2010), and TAUS Excellence Award (2012) for innovative technology. He contributes to leading industry publications and has been featured on the BBC, in the Financial Times and other media around the world.

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