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How To Generate And Optimise Global Content

How to generate and optimise global content

In recent years a consistent and successful content strategy has become paramount when taking your brand global.
The growth of content in business will most likely continue – with customers’ expectations higher than ever, companies that are able to generate remarkable content efficiently are more likely to succeed.

To identify some of the main challenges, proven solutions and opportunities when building and executing a global content strategy, we regularly invite top brands from various industry sectors to attend our Journey to Global events.

Here are some of the best global content practices that resonated with the businesses that joined us:

•    Get your source content right – start with a compelling and clear message, and with a strong narrative.
•    Make sure your style and brand are documented so that translators / copywriters can quickly get up to speed.
•    Focus on how content is consumed in different markets: have an individual market approach and observe the cultural differences of each target market, don’t just replicate home-country content.
•    Optimise content for mobile – efficient deployment of content across multiple devices is vital, but it can be a challenge, especially due to character and display restrictions.

Although content strategies are iterative, it is important that you learn quickly and continually adapt to find out what works best for you when expanding in new markets.
•    Develop a comprehensive editorial calendar and display your content in an intuitive and compelling manner.
•    Select the right content platform and try to automate the data transfer – from content generation, through translation, to the consumer.

To find out more about the opportunities emerging from optimising your content journey, the advantages of exploiting the ‘social’ channel and how to use content to create a global company culture, download our in-depth whitepaper.

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