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GALA on Technology Blog » Translation Workflow – Make or Buy

I just had a post Christmas Google search on “translation workflow” ( (I wish I’d knew what drove me doing this on such a sunny day here in the Waikato). However, it looks like there is a brand new blog on GALA about the topic of sourcing a translation workflow either from the shelve or building a custom-made one. Not much has been posted to this blog yet. One comment basically says that although there is a lot on the work-flow side of things, the integration of budgeting, supplier selection and invoicing (including controlling) is lacking in off the shelve products. That particular commentator mentions as best know tools LTC Organizer, SDL WorkFlow, TRADOS TeamWorks, and Idiom WorldServer and to a lesser extend open-project[ and Across. Interestingly Office 3000 is missing in that list – which concentrates on the book-keeping side of things.

Could be an interesting blog to watch and surely some place to mention XTM. But then it could also be interesting to watch the sun and do some urgently needed gardening and weeding.. I know.. to some those look like quite unlikely post Christmas issues…

Merry Christmas from Christof


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