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The Challenges Of Managing File Formats And In-market Review

The challenges of managing file formats and in-market review

In the video below, Lingo24’s Christian Arno discusses the challenges of working with various file formats and tackling the in-market review of translated documents.

Two of the major problems that happen in the translation process are often little understood and happen outwith translation itself.

One has to do with file formats and organisations often struggle to get their content from wherever it’s held – multiple different content management systems or content repositories, and files all over the place – into a format whereby you can use the latest technologies.

Specialist companies can help resolve that, and we can help resolve that too. Once your files are in order, you can access Lingo24’s translation API – a fast and easy way to send content directly from your content management system to our translation platform. It’s the simplest way to manage large volumes of web content or regular updates requiring translation. We can set it up for you, and make sure it’s customised to your exact requirements.

The other issue that seems to come up frequently is that of in-market review. Often people in all the different markets that a company serves don’t understand the translation process, maybe don’t agree with some of the content that’s being produced and haven’t been onboarded into a professional, tech-enabled way of reviewing content.

Coach, Lingo24’s award winning translation management platform, allows our customers’ own reviewers to work synchronously with our translators and their colleagues in an easy to use interface, and share and store feedback via the comments section. By using Coach, our customers get control over their translation projects and can achieve the quality level they want.

These are two classic problems we see around file format and around review. If you’re interested in our support to try and resolve them, do let us know.

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