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File Filtering

File filtering: the vital warm-up of the translation process

File filtering in the translation process is a bit like a really good warm-up for sport. That little bit of extra time and real effort reduces the likelihood of strains, when you’re really putting in the exercise, or when you’re translating at scale.

File filtering is all about getting your content ready for the translation process. So when we receive the content from a client, we need to check that it is going to be ready to handle whatever transpires.

There are a few key things that we do:

• One of the most important ones is protecting the key information in that file. Often there’ll be a lot of extra data in amongst the content – style information, inline codes, placeholders for systems – we need to make sure those are protected, they’re not going to get changed, and they’re not going to get broken by the translation process.

• As well as that, you can quite often send extra information that’s useful for the context of the translation, but doesn’t actually need translated itself. We can pull that out, we can make sure that it gets displayed to the translator so they have it available to give the best quality translation.

• We also look to try and reduce the scope of the translation as much as possible. Often there will be lots of extra fields, extra data that doesn’t need translated. We need to filter that out, reduce the scope, and deal with a smaller data set.

• Finally, it’s about making sure that the different types of content that you have work well together, and can leverage your existing assets. That means ensuring the content coming from different systems is set up in the right ways so you can get as many translation memory matches, for example, as possible.

All of the above, together, means that you’ve got the best possible start to that translation process.

In a nutshell, file filtering means a little bit of work upfront that’s going to allow you to reap benefits over the course of your translation and save you dividends in the future. Our approach to file filtering is to always try to standardise, optimise the process as much as possible, so that if you were to send an actual peak content, it becomes a simple process that just happens over the flow of the project.

If you want to find out more about file filtering and its advantages, please get in touch with us.


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