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Inviting your friends to work – HR’s latest moment of genius?

HR teams around the world have been forced to come up with many innovations in recent years, in order to recruit and retain the best staff to help their organisations survive and thrive.

Some more novel approaches include live televised recruitment (China), unlimited holiday policies (Netflix) and taking over their homepage with a letter outlining employee educational reimbursement benefits (Amazon).

So when it comes to HR innovations – what’s Lingo24’s contribution? Well, we’re holding a very special event at our office in Timisoara (Romania) this week, where we’re encouraging employees there to bring their friends along to the office to find out more about us. And we believe it could be just the ticket for encouraging employee engagement, as well as an efficient way to recruit for our expanding teams.

The methodology

We’ve known for some time that when it comes to recruitment, referrals from our current employees tend to make very productive hires. And given the very people-focussed nature of our business, spreading the news via word of mouth makes more sense than relying on a third party or website to do it for us.

It is also a much cheaper way to recruit and gives us a pool of candidates with a better working knowledge of the company – all of whom are pre-screened by current employees who believe them to be a good match for the company. We reward those employees who do make a successful referral – so it really is wins all round!

Company culture

Our company culture is something we’re very proud of, and we really believe in the value of it. From our monthly social events, creative workshops, charity activities, fancy dress, and annual sports week (and that’s just the beginning!), being part of Lingo24 is so much more than a job.

It’s largely because of this that Lingo24 has a clear value proposition in the employer marketplace, and helps us attract great candidates. We never rest on our laurels though, and are always looking for new ways to maintain our status as an employer of choice, hence the introduction of our Friends @ Work Day.

What’s it all about?

How many of our friends really know about and understand what we do? How much easier would it be to explain our workplace if they could see it for themselves? This is their chance.

We’re opening the doors and inviting friends in to have a tour of the office, meet the teams and have short (but lively!) presentations from key department heads. Christian (our CEO) will welcome all visitors and be on hand to answer questions, and of course, we’re putting on nibbles and drinks. We’ll discuss current vacancies we have, and share our plans for vacancies we may have in the coming months.

Want to know more? Come along and see for yourself, or get in touch about our next one in an office near you!

Steve Griffin

Steve Griffin edits and writes for the Lingo24 blog. After studying Drama at Exeter University and completing a postgraduate diploma in Management at Durham University, he worked in Marketing & Communications in a global recruitment company for five years, before spending some time as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. Steve enjoys bringing his creative flair to writing and marketing projects, and has always been a passionate student of language.

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