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Around The World In 22 Working Days: Romania And Slovenia

Around the world in 22 working days: Romania and Slovenia

Loyalty is a driving force in any company, and we at Lingo24 reward our longest-serving colleagues with a Loyalty Month (a full month paid holiday every 5 years) to recharge and explore the world.

As summer holiday season is gearing up, we reached out to some of our travel-loving colleagues for some inspiring stories of recent Loyalty Month adventures, and what better place to start than close to home? Here is one of our project managers’ story of her exploration of her own country of Romania, and its neighbour Slovenia.

For my second Loyalty month one year ago I went to the mountains here in Romania. There I encountered, for the first time in my life, an edelweiss flower… and a bear, in totally different locations (the bear is not included in the pictures, I was too busy going “squee” very softly and getting slowly away).

Edelweiss flower


I also went on a trek I wanted to go on ever since I was a child – crossing from the Retezat mountains to the Cerna valley via the Jiu-Cerna pass. It was lonely and spectacular, with wild sights all along the way. Here are some pictures of the pass.


After a brief stay at home, I went on a country trip to Slovenia. Here is a picture of Lake Bled, a place that sums up the country nicely: old castle on top of a cliff, spectacular lake with old village on an island, high and wonderful mountains.Lake Bled
You can cross Slovenia in 2-3 hours by car, and it has everything: wonderful food, Italianate seaside resorts, historical places, lovely small towns, caves and canyons and high mountains to climb to your heart’s delight.

The plan for the next loyalty month is to take a road trip all though the USA in four weeks’ time, if all goes well till then.

But our employees don’t only get this complimentary loyalty month. Starting with their third year of service, they get an extra holiday day every year, called a Loyalty Day, in addition to a generous holiday package of 24 days per year.

To find out more about Lingo24’s employee perks, get in touch with our HR department.
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