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Double the confusion for Welsh shoppers

Multilingual shoppers in Wales have been baffled by a sign pointing them to the exit… in opposite directions. The Tesco store in Swansea points to the ‘Exit’ in English to the right, and the ‘Allanfa’ (which also means ‘exit’ in Welsh) to the left.

A spokesperson, however, maintains that the signs are technically correct, as there is indeed an exit in both directions, albeit through the petrol station.

And, according to the report by the BBC, they went on to suggest that it was a problem with the layout, rather than grammar or translation.

Wherever the problem occurred, it highlights the importance of quality and attention to detail at every step of the translation process to avoid unfortunate mishaps.

So pob lwc to Tesco for their next translation (that’s good luck in English), and hopefully customers will know whether they’re coming or going… and in which direction.


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