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Could integration help increase your translation efficiency?

When it comes to translation efficiency there are two main things that count: speed and accuracy. To a certain extent it’s a balancing act. Increasing one can lead to a corresponding decrease in the other, and both can affect the cost. By defining your requirements and choosing the right solutions however, you can strike the right balance for your business and project.

Choosing your level of service

Every translation project is different and will require different levels of care and attention. Machine Translation (MT) is the most basic level of translation and can be perfect when you need to translate a large volume of content or require a translation quickly and the business case doesn’t demand perfection.

Machine translation has improved a great deal over recent years. Our engines are sector-specific, helping them cope with jargon and they can actually learn and improve based on feedback. Even the most sophisticated automatic systems struggle to compete with the fluency achieved by a professional human translator however. You can choose to combine the two via post-editing, which involves translating content automatically then having a human translator cast a skilled eye over the results. Light post-editing will check for errors without changing the writing style, while full-post editing will be undertaken by a translator with relevant experience of the subject matter. As well as checking for errors, they will look to improve style and fluency.

Human translation is also available at a number of different levels, from basic, through professional to on-brand translation. Transcreation is the highest level of service and the most difficult to produce. This involves adapting and recreating content for a specific target market. As well as skilled translators it requires professionals with their own marketing experience.

Plug-in integrations

Once you’ve decided on the level of service you require, you will also need to think about how you want to have it delivered. Large, complex or ongoing translation projects could require different levels of service for different parts or elements and this can require careful management.

Integrating your own back-end system with your translation services provider’s platform can certainly streamline the process and can also allow you to access translations quickly or even instantly when time is an issue.

Pre-built integrations can be quickly and easily plugged into a range of content management, marketing and e-commerce platforms, including the likes of Magento, Marketo, Demandware and Hubspot. These plug-ins can generally be set up in minutes but a provider like Lingo24 can also provide technical support if needed. Once hooked up you can identify and send content for translation in just a few clicks, specifying the translation quality level you need for each item. When ready, the translated material can be automatically returned back to your own system.

Using a plug-in like our Magento extension you can also track and review results and use tools to measure the impact of your translations in terms of ROI and international growth. All of this can help reduce the turnaround time of your translations and boost your international sales.


An API, or application programming interface, is the set of routines and protocols that allows one program or system to interact with another. A little more development time and effort is required to connect to our translation API but it can be integrated with any content management platform to save a great deal of both time and effort in the long run.

Once hooked up you can connect to our machine translation engines for instant and low-cost translations, which can be ideal if you need to translate live content such as blog or social media posts, for internal communications, to get the gist of a document or for anything else you need in a hurry.

You can also connect to a network of native human translators, choosing the level of service you require. An integrated workflow can give you complete control of your project from beginning to end, enabling you to submit multiple orders from different divisions and to monitor progress with regards to ongoing work.

When it comes to translations, integration can help streamline your projects and workflow, saving time, effort and improving your overall efficiency.

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