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Connect With Customers Using Global Technology

Global technology has presented new opportunities for companies to expand into new markets, but you need to ensure that your global websites are properly localised to traverse these borders successfully.

Transcreationglobal technology

The ability to communicate in your target market’s language is the key to successfully entering a foreign market. Transcreation is the process of adapting your content for different cultures and audiences, as different groups react differently to various symbols, messages, cues and colors.

A successful transcreation process will allow your message to be translated into other languages and cultures, evoking the same ideas in the target language as it does in the original. This is extremely important in drawing new customers to your business, meaning you need to use globalisation technology with precision.

Country & Language Combinations

The country a customer lives in does not necessarily determine their native language. There are large expat communities in countries such as Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Monaco.

These users want to read in their native language, with prices displayed in the local currencies. Also, many countries such as Belgium, India and Switzerland are multi-lingual, so using localisation technology on your website will allow for the country and language to be specified to suit the user’s preferred language.

Dates & Times

On your website It is a good idea to display dates and times in the local format as it avoids confusion and allows for an improved user experience.

There is a big difference between UK and US date formats. If your website promises to deliver a product on 10/2/14 then UK users would expect this to be sent on 10 February 2014. However, an American user would think that the delivery date is 2 October 2014.

These are just a few examples, but Lingo24, Inc. has more than ten years’ experience providing marketing translation services in more than 50 countries worldwide. Since 2006, we’ve translated 5.7 million words for 75 marketing companies and digital agencies.

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