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Challenges In Translations

Common challenges in the translation process

Christian Arno, Lingo24’s President and Founder, and Sergio Penkale, our Head of Machine Translation, discuss common challenges in the translation process.


Dr Sergio Penkale came to the translation industry from academia, and has enjoyed learning about what happens in the commercial world during his time with us.

Other than working to build Machine Translation engines to help make Lingo24’s translators more productive, Sergio has been involved in lots of adjacent projects including working on Localisation Strategy Assessments, and helping organisations to build and manage Language Assets.

Here he shares some of the activity he considers to be important to make the most out of their efforts, and explains some of the complexity in the translation process. Some of the complexity comes from the sheer number of people involved, the different language conventions, dealing with different file formats and the different subjects involved.

This video should help even experienced buyers of translation to understand that little bit better the common challenges Lingo24 sees and addresses.

If you want to find out more about Translation Memory and how it can help you translate higher volumes while reducing your costs, read more of our blog posts on this topic, or simply get in touch with us.


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