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Although we are in the Year of the Dog, and dog is everyone’s best friend, cats are our friends too. Take a look at these majestic creatures, the most purrrrfect of companions.

While cats don’t generally enjoy being taken out of their territory and their owners don’t have much use for Lingo24’s pet-friendly Timisoara office, there is one exception who decided to make our office her territory. Meet Diana, a retired streetfighter. She enjoys good food, good company, long naps and slow meanders around the office in search of pets and scratches.
He was found a few years ago in a restaurant while returning from Sports Day at Arsenal Park. He likes to meow back when you talk to him, loves chewing phone chargers and his arch nemesis is gravity. He is a very good boy and wanted to be part of the doggy competition.
Although a stray cat that was adopted, he is very exclusive by nature, and very few family friends actually believe he exists, and have had the pleasure to interact with him. He loves fries, to cuddle with his humans and can even growl like a dog when threatened. He is very picky when it comes to food, being a spoiled bastard.
Skippy might be scared of his own shadow, but he is a faithful yet unobtrusive companion. A scholar at heart, he likes to observe the humas in all their activities and test their skills at solving problems, such as retrieving toy mice from under heavy furniture.

He loves receiving treats for no reason other than he demands them. He is afraid of the mailman, the pizza delivery guy, any neighbor that comes to the door… basically everyone. He is the bravest when confronting the pigeons outside the window, those damned pigeons. He loves sleeping in unnatural positions and spending time in his favorite box.
He is a very good kitty and only wakes his human up at 6AM because he is bored.
There are 8 cats in my house, which says it all. They protect (and by that I mean they eat a lot – no creature of the land, sky or sea is safe), they atack (mostly toys, so Grandma has to keep her yarn under lock and key), but, most importantly, they make you go splat! So watch your step. In the photo you can observe Felix, the pater familias, who has appropriated a sweater and has fallen asleep, as usual, in the way.
Pitzi was found by his human about 2 months ago on the street (or was it the other way around?). His honest eyes and instant and insistent love convinced Andreea that she needed to take him home. Actually it’s a she, but she’s so energetic and restless that you’d think it’s a “him”.
This is Maya. He’s a boy, but his humans only found this when they got to the Vet, so the name stuck. He loves to watch pigeons from the window and that nearly got him killed as he jumped one day to catch a bird, without noticing that he lives on the 7th floor! Fortunately, he landed safely in the front garden with only a few bruises and with a lesson NOT learned!

Sasha is a 2 year old, Norwegian half breed. She was adopted from the streets and still yearns for running around outside but with a kitty harness (ofc). She’s the kindest and most loving cat you’ll ever meet and she just might convert you to becoming a cat-person, but only for her. Sasha’s the best therapy after a long day at work.
This is Cat (please note the extra creative name); however, he does not really know how to cat. A day as Cat would mainly look like this: wake up human at 08 am sharp, meow at human’s door and jump on the door knob if meow-ing does not work; eat, sleep, repeat until human gets home, play fetch (doggo at heart), put the yoga moves on, eat, follow human around, eat, bathe, sleep and repeat.
Shary is a 6 years old Singapura cat. There’s nothing she loves more than people and being all up in their business. Really close. Waaaayyy too close, sometimes. Never let go. Meow.
Although Charlie (short for Charlotte) is 11 years old and as round as a cat can be, she is always ready for some playtime and ankle biting sessions. She also has a special super power: sensing when you lay down somewhere and instantly appearing on your lap.

Monky, 7 years old and 7 kg heavy, is a purr machine. He is immediately your best friend and will beg for cuddles and all your food. And you will want to give him both!
Ozzy is a spoiled, rebel princess, who knows how tempting her fluffiness is to us poor humans. But you can only cuddle her when she allows it. If you still try, she will gladly leave some permanent marks for you to remember.
Meet Mitzu, the White Cat with funny patterns. What’s his specialty? Well, he took the cat curiosity to the next level: he started exploring the world of books (he and his owner share the same taste for Game of Thrones series). In his spare time, he closely watches his kingdom.
Maia was adopted 3 years ago, when her old family had to give her up. Since then she took over the house and her humans’ hearts and they became the slaves that feed her, play with her and offer her unconditional love (only in accepted amounts, otherwise they will get punished). Even if she looks grumpy and evil, she is very shy and friendly. Favorite hobbies: getting high on catnip, running after ghosts and lost souls at 5AM in the morning and following the slaves around her house.


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