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Transcreation – the art of creative translation

You don’t need to look far to find examples of advertising slogans that simply don’t work in other languages. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s invitation to Chinese customers to “Eat your fingers off” shows attempting to translate an English slogan doesn’t always send the right message.

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The home and office of the future

Dancing robots, eye-activated televisions, ultra-thin tablets, super-connected homes… it can only be IFA 2012, the world’s biggest consumer goods showcase. The Berlin trade fair gives a glimpse of the future of technology and how it could change our lives in the next few years.

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Going for gold in the global marketplace

Olympic fever is sweeping the country, and we’re counting down the days to the opening ceremony! But we’re not just excited about the sporting events. As half a million foreign visitors arrive in London, it’s also a chance to celebrate global culture and business.

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The art of technical writing

Many of us have ripped open the packaging, pulled out the shiny new mobile phone or laptop, and started using it right away. It’s only when we hit a metaphorical brick wall that we turn to the user manual – or try to find instructions online.

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How tea and biscuits are fuelling a £12bn export boom

Can you say Jammie Dodger in Chinese? Or do you know how Russians like a cup of tea?

Brands such as Wagon Wheels and Typhoo tea may seem as British as a bright red phone box.  But they’re gaining fans around the world, helping push UK food exports past a record £12bn.

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