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UK retailers welcome the Year of the Horse

More than a billion people around the world celebrated the Chinese New Year, with fireworks, parties and parades – including a parade of horses in Sydney! The Spring Festival is now well underway, with festivities traditionally lasting for 15 days until the Full Moon, on February 14th this year.

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TAUS Conference looks at future of translation

English is rapidly losing its status as the world’s lingua franca – but there’s no language to take over. As the world becomes more interconnected, global businesses are having to become multilingual to survive. But how can they reach the billions of people in the world, who speak more than 6000 languages between them?

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Translation and localization in a shifting global economy

With more and more businesses operating globally, localization has never been more important.  The internet might have made the world seem smaller, but there are still cultural and linguistic borders to overcome. Speaking the right language can be the key to reaching new audiences both at home and abroad.

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Asian shoppers drive $1 trillion ecommerce boom

Global ecommerce sales passed the trillion dollar milestone for the first time last year, according to the latest figures. Much of this growth is in the Asia-Pacific region, which is predicted to account for a third of all online sales this year.

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The easiest way to order translation projects

For many of us, life would be a lot easier if there were just two or three extra hours in the day. These 27-hour days would mean inboxes were empty, desks were tidy, all routine admin tasks were done and bills paid ahead of time. There’d be time to take a full lunch hour every day and actually use that gym membership.

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