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Which languages does your business need to speak?

In many ways the world seems smaller these days. Digital products like apps can theoretically be downloaded and accessed from anywhere, e-commerce is big business and even traditional importing and exporting can be easier in an ever more interconnected world.

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Growth Of European E-commerce

E-commerce Growth in Europe: 2014 vs 2015

Online consumer sales have been growing rapidly in Europe during recent years, as internet usage and access to computers and mobile devices become more widespread. This infographic shows which European countries are adopting e-commerce en masse, and which markets might be hot for growth in online sales this year.

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5 tips for Magento customers to increase global sales

Selling in international markets offers a significant revenue stream for many businesses. For example, for online retailer ASOS, almost 60% of their sales come from overseas markets. But how can managers of Magento-based sites make the most of its functionality to maximise sales across the globe?

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A record breaking day for global ecommerce

It might not have featured on your calendar, but this week’s Singles Day celebration on November 11 became the world’s biggest online shopping day. The Chinese event broke world records, with retail giant Alibaba pulling in $9.3 billion (£5.9 billion) in sales.

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