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Spotlight on… top quality translations

Umberto Eco wrote: “Translation is the art of failure.” He might be a great writer, but we’d like to disagree with him here! It’s true that translation does involve a degree of subjectivity, and the “perfect translation” might not exist. But we’re still committed to making sure our translations are as good as they can possibly be.

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Machine translation vs humans

Machine translation might seem like a new phenomenon, but it’s actually 58 years old this month. Researchers at IBM and Georgetown University began developing an automated Russian to English translator in 1954, with operators laboriously punching messages onto cards.

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The Times places Lingo24 on the Fast Track

The Fast Track table lists the top 100 UK companies with the fastest growing sales internationally, and we’re very pleased to have placed at number 81. (Which, in fact, makes us the fastest growing translation agency in the UK!)

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