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The best use cases for Lingo24’s technology platform

In the video below Lingo24’s Dave Meikle and Neil Wilkie discuss Lingo24’s heritage in marketing content and customers with big content sets, such as:

• rich product catalogues
• e-commerce platforms,
• market research datasets.

All our tools are focused around delivering translation of that type of content. Whether it’s the quality checks and checking it, whether it’s the machine translation to improve the productivity and delivery of it – all is designed to help our customers to do translation at scale, to get more content out cheaper and quicker.

For cases where getting content into us isn’t quite as simple or for handling content that maybe isn’t translatable by default ( if it’s coming from a legacy system, not easy to integrate with, or is in a different format, difficult to process, etc.), we’ve got a range of options.

We’ve got tools such as Ease, our customer ordering platform, where you can go upload a file, and which can support you if that file can’t be processed directly and get it to a File Engineering team. They’re there to help manipulate files and automate the filtering of that to get it in or out of a platform.

For customers with desktop publishing formats, like an InDesign or FrameMaker, we’ve got a dedicated Desktop Publishing team that can really help you get that content print-ready, translate it print-ready, so you can take it out to your market.

We’ve also got our FTP service and our API, if you’re willing to build a custom integration or if you have a platform that we can integrate it with.

For more details on our Technology Platform, please get in touch with us.


Lingo24 is a global translation company, with interests in marketing, e-commerce, product management and many other areas that are of relevance to our clients. We share news on our company performance, innovative technology solutions, exciting new hires and guest posts from some of our translators.

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