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A new way of looking at translation quality

Today more businesses operate across borders  than ever before. The need for fast, cost-effective translation is growing rapidly – and the translation industry is adapting to keep up.

For most clients, translation is (unsurprisingly) a top priority. But that doesn’t mean a “one-size-fits-all” approach to quality is the best one. Their priorities will depend on the text, the target audience, the budget and the deadline.

While style and fluency are vital for a press release, they’re less important in a technical manual (although accuracy is essential). In some situations, such as real-time conversations, speed is a top priority.

At their recent Quality Evaluation Summit in Dublin, TAUS, the translation industry think tank introduced its “dynamic quality evaluation framework”. TAUS’s mission is to “help the world communicate better”. The idea behind the framework is for an industry-shared way of measuring quality, depending on the type of content, audience, budget, turnaround times and other factors.

Speaking at the conference, Christian Arno, Lingo24’s founder and CEO, gave his view on customised quality levels. He explained how the translation industry is shifting from providing fixed service levels to offering clients a reliable and guaranteed quality of output.

Our new translation tool, Coach, allows a “granularised approach” – breaking translation projects down into various tasks. Clients can choose the level of quality they need, and exactly specify how important factors such as correct terminology and tone of voice are to them. The advanced technology also means many checks can be automated, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Christian said: “There’s a realisation that with a much more granularised approach to quality, and being able to offer more solutions at different price points, we really open out the scope of what our industry can achieve, how it can be applicable to people, and how it can ‘democratise’ content more broadly.

“There’s a shift in the industry from somewhat customisable quality levels to fully customisable and fully reliable ones.”

For clients, it means that they choose and pay for exactly the service they require. That could be a quick, reliable budget service, or a polished creative translation – or something in between!
Find out more about our translation services and Coach technology. Or get in touch to discuss your translation needs with our specialists.

Hazel Mollison

Hazel Mollison edits and writes for the Lingo24 blog. After studying Italian and German at Cambridge University, she worked as a journalist for five years with regional and national newspapers. She enjoys writing about languages, translation, online marketing, and helping small businesses explore new opportunities.

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