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A love story made in Brazil for Cupid

A Scottish dating agency are using the foreign language internet to spark love interests in Brazil.

Edinburgh-based dating agency, Cupid, has seized the golden opportunity that the foreign language internet has to offer in the ever-growing Brazilian online market, shelling out a whopping half a million pounds for a number of Portuguese sites.

The sites include the already established and highly popular, and, a site for single parents.

Alongside Asia, Brazil is another market currently growing at rapid rates. Portuguese use online has grown by a massive 990% in the last 11 years, and wise companies are taking advantage of this relatively untapped market.

Bill Dobbie, chief executive of Cupid, said: “This acquisition provides a great opportunity for us to gain a foothold into Brazil, which is a few years behind the North America growth market curve.”

And with an estimated 62 million singles in Brazil, the potential in the new sites is absolutely huge.

Cupid are wisely working closely in tandem with the existing staff members in Rio de Janeiro for the time being, who will be able to provide the necessary cultural and linguistic input necessary for its Portuguese success.

It goes to show that the future for ambitious e-tailers, from matchmaking to watchmaking, lies on the foreign language internet. As foreign language use on the internet continues to grow, so too will the number of people wishing to shop exclusively in their own language. And with consumers four times more likely to make a purchase in their mother tongue (according to the Common Sense Advisory Panel), ecommerce needs to go multilingual.

And for Cupid, it doesn’t just stop with Brazilian markets. Already operating in 39 countries, as their love affair with the foreign language internet blossoms, they intend to branch out even further.

“We continue to look for opportunities to expand into further regions where we believe strong growth potential exists,” said Mr Dobbie.

And for now it seems that Cupid and the foreign language internet are certainly made to be together. Awww.


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