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Post-editing and the changing role of the skilled translator

Post-editing, or the editing done to improve machine-translated content to a publishable quality, has long been part of the translation repertoire in one form or another. However, with an increasing presence of machine translation (MT) in our everyday lives, there has been recent debate and uncertainty about the role of the translator vis-à-vis MT and post-editing.

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How will the marketing industry evolve in 2013?

Technology is changing the way marketers and advertisers connect with consumers. Multiple channels and a huge wealth of data give unprecedented opportunities for targeting a message. But the challenge is cutting through the noise to engage with busy, tech-savvy customers.

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The most linguistically diverse city in Europe?

Hail a taxi in New York, or hop on a Melbourne tram, and you could encounter any of hundreds of different languages. These cities are famous for being melting pots for different cultures and languages. But you might be surprised to know that Manchester is one of the world’s most linguistically diverse cities, despite its smaller size.

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The social influence on movies, arts, and business

He’s best known for movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, and 500 Days of Summer. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt was talking about social technology when he spoke at the opening of IBM Connect in Florida. His website,, allows artists, musicians and filmmakers to collaborate with each other, wherever they are in the world.

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Polish is now England’s second language

The linguistic map of Britain is changing, according to the latest census results. For the first time, the 2011 census asked residents in England and Wales which language they spoke at home. They found more than 100 different languages, with Welsh and Polish the most popular after English.

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