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Christian Arno

CEO, Lingo24

Hashtags for entrepreneurs

“A hashtag, a hashtag, my kingdom for a hashtag!”

Okay, so we might be making that quote up, but we’re sure if Twitter had been around in Shakespearean times, Richard III may just have uttered that phrase. And particularly if he wanted to get his Tweets seen by the right people.

If you’ve not been following our hashtag series, we’ve been outlining the best hashtags to get you noticed, whatever industry you like to dabble in.

And today we’re looking at those tenacious, passionate (and often eccentric) innovators known as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds, but all have a vision to do things a little differently. But as always, it’s best to start with the obvious hashtags, so try #entrepreneur or #entrepreneurship for Tweets relating to any of these areas.

If you’re a spritely young thing fresh out of school, and with a head full of ideas, #youngentrepreneur will point you in the right direction of those leaders who are under 30 years old.

For the female entrepreneurs who feel inclined to connect with other female business owners, there’s always plenty to read with the hashtag #DWEN (Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network). A fortnightly Twitter chat for women under 30 can also be found with #YFEchat (Young Female Entrepreneurs chat).

Anyone on the path to social good can check out #socent, which has up-to-date information on all aspects of social entrepreneurship.

Just starting out? For fledgling businesspeople and aspiring entrepreneurs, you’ll no doubt have already spent hours, possibly weeks, reading up on everything you need to know about running your own business. For kitchen start-ups, #homebiz is a great hashtag to use, along with #smallbiz and #sme.

Of course if you want to hone down your search (or indeed, your broadcast), don’t be afraid to delve into the wider hashtag world—the options are wide and varied. Try #marketing, #socialmedia, #startups, whatever you like, there’s probably a hashtag for it. And if there isn’t, see if you can set a trend by creating your own.

After all, now is the Twitter of our discontent! Or something like that, anyway…


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